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Are you fulfilling all the requirements of occupational safety?

„A doctor's duty is to ask his patients what they do for a living.„

- Bernardin Ramazzini

Occupational medicine as a discipline developed in 17th century, but the need for it exists since there first was mad kind and work in any circumstances. Its core concerns are preventive medical examinations, diagnostics of professional illness, work related illness and work ability evaluations. Do you know what Occupational Health Law determines and whether your company is meeting all the requirements regulated by law? Are you sure you are not in violation?


First step, as every employer's obligation, is evaluation of workplace related risks. Owners of small and medium companies can make that evaluation on their own, and that is the first document the occupational safety inspection will ask for when they come to your company.

Occupational health specialists in in Institution for health care Nemetova-Primapossess all the necessary certificates and approvals for an independent work that are issued by the Ministry of health and social care. Institution Nemetova-Prima has a contract with Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (HZZO).

Do you know which requirements you need to meet in order to avoid paying the fine?
  • All legal entities are obligated to implement a system of occupational safety regardless of the number of employees.
  • One in 20 employees has to be qualified for providing first aid in workplace.
  • Eyesight examination is obligatory for all workers who work with computers for more than four hours.
  • Your employees have to go through an occupational health examination if they are being employed on a workplace with special working conditions.
  • Medical examination is obligatory for workplaces with computers.
  • • Employers who don't change their working conditions after they have been issued a fine , and in severe cases they can lose their work license.
  • • Did you know that the fines for failure to comply with the law can even be up to
    120.000,00 kuna?

For any questions you may have, feel free to contact us with complete confidence!

Reasons to choose Institution Nemetova-Prima:
  • Our professional staff will promptly respond to all your questions and make it easier for you to manage with all the regulations and procedures of occupational safety
  • In all our medical examinations we are professional and efficient , so you can tell us all your workplace related problems, and we will come to a solution that is in the best interest of the health of your employees and working processes in the company
  • We have adjusted our prices so they would be affordable to everybody
  • Our organization is on the highest level so there are no long waits
  • We can help you learn everything there is to know about occupational medicine
  • The confirmation of our quality is our ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality of organizational management in occupational medicine


  • Examination for working in special conditions: 350,00 kuna
  • Health examination for opening a trade: 300,00 kuna
  • Examination for employment: 300,00 kuna
  • Issuing a certificate: 200,00 kuna

You have a lot of questions and you can't find the answers? Download our educational material with information about legal framework of occupational health medicine and practical guidelines for working on specific workplaces. You can also download all instructions for choosing an occupational health specialist.

Meet all the requirements of occupational health care, make sure work places of your employees are safe and avoid financial fines.

Fill out our simple and short form for choosing an occupational health specialist.

If you are not sure whether you are in violation or not, fill out our short questionnaire and based on your answers you will get a personalized information.