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Medical examinations for athletes


  • Price of medical examination of athletes who make an appointment by an official e-mail address of their sports club (any sports club with a visible name of their club in the e-mail address) :
    • 100,00 kuna (VAT included)
  • Price of medical examination of athletes who bring their laboratory tests of blood and urine done in advance (not older than 12 months) with them to their medical examination:
    • 100,00 kuna (VAT included)


The importance of education and prevention in upbringing and health care of athletes cannot be stressed out enough. There is no longer any doubt that regular physical activity lowers the risk of numerous diseases such as heart diseases, elevated blood pressure, colon cancer, obesity, diabetes, and untimely death in general. However, with all its benefits, physical activity also has some health risks such as frequent musculoskeletal injuries, damaging of some organ systems and sudden deaths of athletes with undetected heart diseases.

In the fight against negative aspects of doing sports, health care of athletes and preventive medical examinations of all ages and categories from recreational to professional, are of great importance and significance.

Periodical medical examinations of athletes have the purpose of determining current health status of athletes, recognizing risk factors and early detection of diseases in athletes who have no symptoms or clinical signs of those diseases, in order to start an early treatment and avoid further progress of the disease and its inevitable consequences.

Medical examinations of athletes mustn't be taken lightly nor done superficially – they have to satisfy certain criteria. Preventive medical examinations of athletes are actually a continuous process with the purpose of long-term tracking of health status of athletes, which represents an important source of data and information that help with finding new health risks, as well as in assessment of measures taken for the purpose of prevention.

However, preventive sports medical examinations are not only for the purpose of tracking risk factors or approving participation in sports competitions. Medical examinations of professional and recreational athletes of all ages, as well as children athletes of all ages, also serve for the purpose of checking their current health status, determining whether they are taking treatment according to modern protocols, if they are using illegal substances, medications, etc. Also, medical examinations of athletes help tracking seemingly benign conditions that can affect their sports performance and final results, for example iron deficiency in female athletes. Medical examinations of athletes should also be perceived as a place and opportunity to educate them about nutrition and potential health risk behavior and situations. From all of these facts it is perfectly clear why the Croatian Society for Sports Medicine advocates that the examinations are done especially by occupational and sports specialists whose core nature of profession are health care and prevention.

Give our medical staff the chance to provide you with efficient medical examinations of athletes of the highest quality.

In our Institution for health care Nemetova-Prima you can do medical examinations of athletes of all ages and categories, recreational and professional, fast and without long waits.

Leave your health care to us.

Professional athletes
In Institution Nemetova-Prima, professional athletes can do medical examinations needed for participating in sports competitions. We also conclude professional business cooperation with sports clubs for providing health advice and preventive health care to their professional athletes.
Recreational athletes
Recreational athletes can get medical examinations and consultations in order to determine the allowed intensity for their physical activities.


  • Medical examinations of athletes: 200,00 kuna (VAT included)

It is required to make an appointment for a medical examination via phone (01 4693 103) and to come hungry/fasting to the examination. It is required to bring to the medical examination a written confirmation of health condition from a general practitioner and a valid sports club ID.

A written confirmation of health condition from a general practitioner is essential at this point because occupational and sport specialists are meeting the child athlete for the first time, and their health is changeable even to the rate of severe health disorders, especially in circumstances of extremely physically and psychologically stressful situations the athletes are exposed to.

Medical records, reports and confirmations of prior medical examinations (if lost) can be picked up at the Polyclinic for occupational and sports medicine in Borovje.