01/4693 103 u terminu od 11h do 15h
Radno vrijeme 07:00 - 14:00 pon-pet


Detailed instructions

In case you will take public transportation to get to us, you can reach us in the following way:

- By a tram number 14 (drives from Zapruđe through Savska street, Ban Josip Jelačić square and Draškovićeva street)
- By a tram number 8 (drives from Zapruđe through Vukovarska street, Branimirova street and Draškovićeva street)
- On the tram's last stop on Mihaljevac, take the stairway and the path over the hill, through the park of Residential home Ksaver to Nemetova street and Institution Nemetova-Prima
- On the tram's stop before the last stop, on Matije Jandrića street, there is a ZET's mini bus stop by the Pivnica Mlinarica restaurant that drives up to Nemetova street every 10 minutes and stops right next to Institution Nemetova-Prima

In case you are coming by car, you can get to us in the following way:

- Take a left turn from Ksaver street to Matije Jandrića street, then take another left turn by Konzum store, and then go straight forward that road to Nemetova street
- Parking space is available